Electric Guitar Tuition/LiveBand Workshops
Run by Suki Mok
Currently working in London and studying at the Guitar Institute, Suki organises the CMC along with other committee members, whilst teaching and playing in a blues/funk covers band.

Traditional Chinese Instruments/Orchestra
Run by Mandick Tam

An accomplished flute and erhu player taught by a world reknowned musician from Beijing University’s Music Conservatory. Man Dick has a wealth of experience playing in a Chinese Orchestra, which participated in many national competitions and venues including Royal Albert Hall

Midi/Computer based Music Software/Live Band Workshops
Run by Kee Lewis
Self-taught, Kee writes his own compositions of house, drum n bass, ambient inspired instrumentals. His past work includes completing a full soundtrack for an independent film, which has recently been sold to a film company in the US and is being distributed internationally. He now works in London whilst developing his album and distributing his demos.